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The original wondershaper
I have a pretty busy website which is eating up my upload bandwidth. I have always been using traffic shaping, but recently my web-surfing became increasingly sluggish and slow. I used to use wondershaper original, which you can find here, with some extra documentation. Be carefull, because I have filled in the values of the upload and download.
The wondershaper script in the end did not help enough because it cannot easily prioritise all kinds of traffic. I needed to give outgoing webtraffic lower priority.
Therefore I adjusted scripts from the internet to make two new wondershaper scripts.

The totally re-written and revised wondershaper on steroids
I am now using a new HTBWondershaper, based on HTB. It works fine and can do a lot more. It works on kernel 2.6.X, but perhaps also 2.4
It is very well documented I think. Please give feed-back, positive and negative.

What does HTBWonderhaper do?
This HTBWondershaper script implements traffic shaping: it filters outgoing traffic into classes and then sets limits/prioritises these classes. Each class gets a lower and upper bandtwith limit. Each class also has a priority, and if the prio is lower, the traffic goes first.

#Shaping: The process of delaying packets before they go out to make traffic confirm to a configured maximum rate. Shaping is performed on egress (outgoing traffic). Colloquially, dropping packets to slow traffic down is also often called Shaping.
Policing: Delaying or dropping packets in order to make traffic stay below a configured bandwidth. In Linux, policing can only drop a packet and not delay it - there is no 'ingress queue'.

# Strength of the tactics of this script is:

I would gladly recommend this script as a basis for your traffic shaping. Of course please adjust it to your needs.

The pimped up wondershaper
Before HTBWondershaper I used this adjusted wondershaper script, which also worked very nicely. It is however much less easy to adjust, given the worrysome TC language. It worked fine too though.
I adjusted the wondershaper script, to make sure the traffic from my local website does not cut off my upload to internet, which I need to surf. To do that I added a variable that makes dns requests from me to internet faster (because dns was very slow), and I have put upload traffic from my webserver to internet, with source port 80 in a queue that has less priority. The beefed up wondershaper lives here