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This is really just a post to a contribs forum, but with it you can set up awstats for sme7. Awstats is a way to see the statistics for your webserver. Here are the stats for my site generated one day.

I have tested swerts-knudsen awstats contrib to sme 7b4. It did not work.

Here is his howto.

I have a workaround though and emailed this to him of course:

install the contrib. Then adjust it:

cd /home/e-smith/files/ibays/awstats/cgi-bin
I expect there is a line:
$domains = "/home/e-smith/domains";
That should be changed in
$domains = "/home/e-smith/db/domains";
I expect a line like:
$new = "SiteDomain=\"$www.users[0]\"";
that should become:
$new = "SiteDomain=\"$users[0]\"";
and perhaps these lines may contain www.$users[0]???:

system ("sed -e \"s/\"SiteDomain=\"/\"$new\"/\" awstats.domain.conf > awstats.$users[0].conf");
system ("echo \"perl -config=$users[0] -update /tmp/null\" >> /etc/cron.hourly/awstats");
system ("echo \"<a href=\"/$ARGV[0]/cgi-bin/$users[0]\"> $users[0] <br>\" >> ../html/index.html");

run ./

goto ../html


<a href=//cgi-bin/> <br>
<a href=/./cgi-bin/>

and it works.

make domain
point it to ibay awstats with only access internal
put in hostfile: youripaddress