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I have started using SME server (formally e-smith and mitel) in 2001. Smeserver is an easy and lean Linux server. Five years later November 2005 I am still using it. It is currently Redhat Enterprise-server 4 based and can be easily administered from your browser. The new version 7 has

Sme7 is still beta right now.
It can be installed in 30 minutes for multiple domains. It is rock-solid. It is my dream-server!

It has run my treesite for two years, with 1.000 visitors and 100.000 to 150.000 hits a day.

After some troubles the sme community is working hard to get version 7 ready. I am not a programmer but I can hack some perl and know my networking. So this page is my Sme-hideout.

On your left and right you can see my howtos so people can find them if they want. The latest howto is about using Openvpn to make a vpn between two sites. I am very proud of the htb-based traffic shaping script.